Just Beyond Beginner Bridge Series 1:  2 over 1 and 1430 Blackwood

The first series of Just Beyond Beginner Bridge focuses on 2 over 1, Forcing NT and slam bidding with 1430 keycard Blackwood. The first time it was offered, it was oversold. I am restarting the series for those who could not get in to the previous class.

It is time to take your skills to a higher level. There are those that have been playing for years and never learned this material. This course is perfect for you.  

The Just Beyond Beginner Bridge online series has been extremely popular. I created six series of JBBB. Each is 6 weeks long.  You can enter at the start of any series, with the exception of series 2, for which JBBB 1 is a prerequisite.  

You will become very comfortable with the 2 over 1 bidding system, which is mandatory learning for all players. It is not an entirely new system from Standard American. It is a modification that helps your partnership reach game contracts. This goes hand in hand with Forcing No Trump. I will then introduce you to slam bidding using 1430 Roman Keycard Blackwood.  Nothing in bridge is more exhilarating then bidding and making slams. Many of my students remember their first slams, as the rush is unforgettable.

Often a class builds on previous ones.  Don’t worry if you miss a session, I will provide a good quality recording, the hands and class notes (given in advance of class) so you will never fall behind.  

What's included?

* Six 2-hour classes at the Club's pristine new midtown NYC location.

* Access to the live broadcast. You will be able to play all of the hands online.

* Access to recordings of all the classes.

* Class notes for every session.

* Copies of the hands we play with explanations.

* Buffet lunch, coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

There is a new feature! I will stream all of the classes live online so that you may participate by asking questions and you will get to play all of the hands.

Schedule: Sept 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8 & 15.

The cost is $400 when paid by check or cash. $425 for credit cards.

If you are not in the NYC area, and will only attend online, the cost as a "streamer" is $350.

Use this course to solidify your game and with practice you will be a much better player than when you started.  You will never again say, "We don't play 2 over 1."

Click on the Register Now button to sign up and indicate if you prefer to send a check or pay by credit card online.

This is one of the most popular classes I offer and always reaches capacity. Please register early.

Cancellation policy:
Given the limited space in each class, we encourage you to register as far in advance as possible. However, we understand that sometimes schedules change. Your payment will be refunded if you withdraw at least 3 days before the class begins. The course fee is not refundable after the first class.

$400 ($350 for Streamers)
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In person and live stream Tues Sept 10 - Oct 15
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1:00 - 3:00 PM
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