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Bridge has been around since the 16th century. You must experience it for yourself to find out why. Bridge has an interesting history, but what I find most fascinating is that the game is continually evolving. If you learned 30 years ago, you will find that the game is very different today, and it has become far more sophisticated.

Bridge is very social. A group of friends can get together and play anywhere, you can visit a local bridge club or play online 24 hours a day.

Bridge stimulates the mind. Since it requires that you remain hyper-focused, all of your daily stresses are left behind.

Playing Bridge
Bridge exercises your brain, keeping your mind sharp. You will enjoy playing bridge for a lifetime.

To begin, sign up for our introductory course called “A Taste of Bridge.”  I will introduce you to the basic concepts.  In just a few lessons, you will have learned enough to decide whether you wish to continue. The current schedule may be viewed here for online courses, and here for courses held in person at Honors Bridge and Games Center, our NYC Club.

If you are not an absolute beginner, I also teach a wide range of courses that will help improve your skills.

Beginner Series

Meant for absolute beginners or for those who have been away from the game for a while and want to be reintroduced. I teach all four courses in the introductory bridge series, both online and at Bridge and Games in New York City.

Just Beyond Beginner Bridge

With the Beginner courses completed, you may wish to learn more. I have developed a program called “Just Beyond Beginner Bridge.” There are six 6-week series. 80% of those who begin go through the entire 36 weeks. These courses will take you from being a novice player to the advanced beginner level. You may register for any of the 6 series, except JBBB 2 for which series 1 is a prerequisite.

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The Whole Megillah

In Yiddish, The Whole Megillah means, "The Whole Story." In this class, offered twice weekly, I present topics geared towards advanced beginner and low intermediate players.  There are challenging practice sessions intended to keep your skills sharp.

This class does not require prior registration. However, you should sign up to receive my “This Week in Bridge” email, where you will see the topics being covered in the coming week.  Email or fill out this form to be added.

Shuffling cards